Tap into the creative possibilities of light and translucency.

Corian Design decorative stone has many advantages and possibilities. A solid-surface translucency is a great medium for designers’ fantasies, without restrictions.
A light pastel stone can be translucent. LED lighting is immersed in a pre-prepared stone surface. Such hidden light radiates from under the stone and conveys the radiance and depth of colour, providing an extraterrestrial flow of light on the surface. Transparent colours can be milled to different depths, giving designers additional opportunities for experimentation and creative freedom.
There are endless possibilities to customize the lighting in the interior. You can experiment with light brightness levels and styles. It is possible to create beautiful atmospheric lighting. LED lighting is perfect for that. It is possible to illuminate furniture or abstract figures. Imagine how you can take advantage of the thermal formation of the material as well as the possibilities of stone lighting in your interior! Together, we can rejoice that the potential for transparency in stone is enormous.

Commercial translucent surface Pic.1