Jewish ritual bath Mikva with Corian® Design

We want to present you with our input into a new project (bathroom furniture)  where we have installed furniture and interior elements made with Corian® Design surfaces.

Unique custom-made bathroom furniture – ritual Jewish bath Mikva. It is an entirely unusual project; many energy and positive thoughts have been invested in the work. We were gaining more interest in what and how this bath will be used has created twice as much motivation to implement this flawlessly perfectly. Every detail is spoken out here, and every piece of furniture has a place for it. The unique space and combination of pastel colours will perfect the cleansing ritual. In this project, we have implemented a complete installation of furniture and interior elements with Corian® Design Cameo White surfaces:
√ Reception furniture;
√ Console with built-in non-standard washbasin;
√ Pool and window sill decoration;
√ SPA bathroom furniture with non-standard washbasin and mirrors;

Public washroom Pic.1
commercial furniture
Artificial stone surfaces Pic.2
Washbasin and mirrors Pic.3
Commercial interior elements pic.4
Commercial furniture Pic.5
SPA bathroom Pic.6