Turkish sauna surfaces at Vytautas Mineral SPA from Corian® Design

An impressive and breathtaking project. Surrounded by amazing lights and steam, we have installed seating surfaces and walls.  Interior wall finishes from Corian® Design Glacier White and Deep Nocturne, using unique technologies.

A unique interior can be created with the help of the latest technology. Technology opens up limitless possibilities for improvisation and creative expression by designers. Artificial stone is a great helper to express creativity and innovation. Many famous designers choose decorative stone.

Like a spaceship descending into the recreation area of Vytautas Mineral SPA​​, it will delight SPA visitors with unforgettable impressions. Holidaymakers will remember the beautiful and utterly relaxing space for a long time. We are glad that we have fulfilled the customer’s expectations.

seating surfaces
Commercial furniture Pic.1
seating surfaces
Spa seating surfaces Pic.2