Anna Mesha Hotel – an exceptional design interior with Corian® Design

Eay-catching project. Decorated with decorative stone – Deep Nocturne, the Anna Mesha Hotel’s interior conveys a mysterious, long-standing historical experience and an aristocratic luxury style. The hotel is decorated with Corian surfaces which visitors appreciate.

In this project, we observe how the hotel’s interior conveys the luxury and comfort of the space. Elements of design fit together and form the image of modern luxury.
The decorative stone used in the manufacture of public furniture is the main accent of modern aesthetics, which is representative of the mood of the space. This stone is perfect for use in public areas because it is easy to maintain and durable.

 Kaunas hotel was reborn in the hands of Mood & More professionals with a new look. Exclusive design washbasin from Corian® Design.

decorative stone
Public space Pic.1
decorative stone
Commercial furniture Pic.2
decorative stone
Hotel washroom Pic.3

Photos by: Esthete