Sweet project – ALI Eklerinė from Corian® Design Everest

The complete result of the sweet project is a white surface countertop for the ”Ali chocolate” store with all the furniture and glass. There are no limits to the originality of Corian® Design surfaces. Therefore, the snow-white wide-format countertop/bar/showcase is characterised by modernity, multifunctionality and easy maintenance. The countertop looks aesthetically pleasing and modern, making all the culinary delicacies look very appealing and enticing.

A unique interior can be created with the help of the latest technology. Technology opens up limitless possibilities for improvisation and creative expression by designers. Artificial stone is a great helper to express creativity and innovation. Many famous designers choose decorative stone.

A beautiful presentation of food in a showcase is one of the main things used by successful businesses.

Commercial bar/showcase Pic.1