The beauty of natural curves and technology.

Today’s technology is a truly astonishing phenomenon in the world of artificial stone interiors. Creativity and innovation lead architectural design further, and the result inspires further development. Modern design and thermoforming no longer have limits, developers are looking for bright, exciting and engaging solutions.
Repeated curves in the natural environment are acceptable to the eye and create a dramatic, sensual style. They can also bring warmth and ergonomic safety to the environment.
Heated Corian Design acrylic, becomes flexible and formed into many shapes or can be processed like wood with fully rounded edges. Such technology makes it easy to implement unique projects.
The latest technology enables you to find the freedom to create comfortable works of art from acrylic stone. Artificial stone and its plasticity will allow the implementation of innovative solutions for any design scenario, from the contour of the seat to the interior walls.

Thermoforming Pic.1
Thermoforming technology
Commercial thermoforming Pic.2